Jeremy Gonyea

Jeremy Gonyea

Web App Developer


I've been developing websites for over five years, learning new technologies with each project. I find it exciting to take on things I don't understand and figuring out how they work.

I develop for Drupal 7, Wordpress, and GravCMS. I was recently employed as the Web Applications Developer at Bryn Mawr College where I was the technical lead for a small group that maintained and developed the college's main site (Drupal), as well as maintained the college's multi-site Wordpress (>600 blogs).

Latest Projects

project podcast-grav

Podcast Plugin for GravCMS

This creates a Podcast Channel and Podcast Episode page templates along with an iTunes compatible podcast RSS feed.

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project get-id3-grav

GetID3 Integration for GravCMS

A dependency for my podcast plugin, this plugin exposes the getID3 PHP library to GravCMS.

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project bibleref-grav

Bible Reference Plugin for GravCMS

My first foray into GravCMS. This plugin adds a bible reference field to a content type. This project was inspired by the Drupal module Bible Field.

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project portable-dev-environment

Portable Dev Environment

Generates a portable web dev environment for the PortableApps Suite. Includes Netbeans, XAMPP, xdebug, ruby, nodejs, git, and more all from your flash drive.

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Other Projects

Website: Bryn Mawr College Drupal

Developed many features of the college's website, along with a separate theme at the college's Alumnae Bulletin.

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Drupal Drush Module: GravExporter Open Source, Drupal, GravCMS

Exports data (nodes, users, roles, media, taxonomy, content type structures) from a Drupal site for use in a GravCMS site.

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Drupal Module: EMS API Open Source, Drupal

Imports data from DEA’s EMS application's SOAP API interface into nodes/ taxonomy.

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Confined Spaces List Wordpress Plugin Wordpress

I was commissioned by Wexcon, Inc. to develop a WP plugin for their existing intranet site that allows users to fill out digital forms related to hazards at their confined space job sites. The listings would then present other forms based on answers provided along the way.

Work Experience

Web Applications Developer - Bryn Mawr College (2015 - 2018)

  • Provide full-stack application development and administration for the campus web site, currently implemented using a proxy that delivers content from both a Drupal installation and static files stored on an Linux/Apache server.
  • Application administrator of the campus multi-site Wordpress installation.
  • Application administrator for source code management and ticket tracking softwares.
  • Modify local Vagrant development environments.
  • Develop, write, and conduct automated testing procedures for code changes.
  • Provide technical and programming support to colleagues in Web Services.

Web Applications & System Administrator - Bryn Mawr College (2013 - 2015)

  • Administered College's computing systems (Linux, Unix, and Windows) and hosted services (Drupal, Wordpress, etc.)
  • Application administration of web frameworks (e.g. Drupal and Word Press)
  • System administration of email services (i.e. MTA, aliases, listserves, anti-spam, anti-virus)
  • System administration of centralized backup system
  • System administration of centralized account management system (AD, LDAP)
  • System administration of web server daemons (e.g. Apache and IIS)
  • Created and maintained system and service documentation
  • Automation of repetitive tasks with scripting tools (i.e. shell scripts, Vagrant, Python)
  • Provided occasional end-user training on Linux, Unix, Windows, and hosted services
  • Resolved Help Desk tickets and provide direct and indirect user support Collaborate with other team members to provide skill redundancy within the organization

Senior Desktop Support Specialist - Bryn Mawr College (2011 - 2013)

  • Provided advanced support of operating systems, hardware, supported applications.
  • Maintained standard configurations and used available tools and scripting technologies to automate desktop management and integrate systems and utilities, especially as applied to administrative office software and environments.
  • Provided technical leadership to the Support Services team in coordinating projects, tasks, and team actions.
  • Performed needs analysis, planning, and implementation of technologies and systems for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Played a major role in providing documentation and education to colleagues and the College community on all supported user-facing computer technologies.